Artivism Reading List | Curatorial Activism

“Curatorial Activism” is a term I use to designate the practice of organizing art exhibitions with the principle aim of ensuring that certain constituencies of artists are no longer ghettoized or excluded from the master narratives of art”

-Maura Reilly


Curatorial Activism: Toward an Ethics of Curating

Curating as Anti-Racist Practice (available through I-Share)


What is Curatorial Activism?

Curatorial Activism: Fighting Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, and Western-Centrism One Exhibit at a Time

After the Nymphs Painting Backlash: Is Curatorial Activism a Right or an Obligation?

Curatorial Activism: A Art Dialogue with Maura Reilly and Arezoo Moseni

Activism in the Art World: Meet the New Generation of Radical Curators

Curatorial Activism: Turning Activism into Practice

What Does a Social Justice Curator Do? The Bronx Museum’s Jasmine Wahi on Why Every Art Institution Should Have One

Anti-Racist Curatorial Work

“Disabling” the Museum: Curator as Infrastructural Activist

Black Curators Reimagine Museums During Pandemic, Protests

Curators at Guggenheim Demand Urgent reforms of Racial inequities at the Museum

View from the Field: Equity Oriented and Anti-Racist Curatorial Practice

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