New Library Search and Systems!

image of the new library search interface on the homepage

We are happy to announce that a new Library Search has launched on the library homepage.  The new Library Search features a drop-down menu so you can select the format of material you are looking for – Books, Articles, Video, Audio, Journals, and Newspapers. You also have the option to search Everything – all formats – in the system.

While an Everything Search will connect you to most of the materials and resources provided by the library, there are a few things it will not connect you to like our image databases or statistical and data analysis databases. If you are searching library resources but not finding the materials you need or expect, do not hesitate to reach out to a librarian using the Ask a Librarian chat or email on the library website.

The following video provides more information on the features and functionality of our new search:

Why did we create a new Library Search?

Earlier this summer, the library launched a new catalog and discovery system to help Columbia College Chicago students, faculty, and staff find and access library resources. This change was driven by our state-wide library consortium, CARLI (Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois). All 90+ libraries in the consortium are now using the new catalog and discovery system.

A new library search was created to better connect users to the new catalog and discovery system.

Any more changes?

In addition to the changes that have already happened, there is one more change to anticipate in the future. This change will provide us with a new authentication system for accessing all the library’s online resources – our streaming video, articles, e-books, streaming audio, databases, etc. The new authentication system will connect to your Columbia Office 365 account which means that access will be more seamless than before. The library will be part of the college’s single sign on system.

This new authentication system will also change the direct links you use to access library materials. For example, if you use a direct link to a library film, e-book, or article or if you share library links with students via Canvas, these links will need to be updated. You don’t need to do anything now – all your library links will continue to work through the Fall semester and into January. We will provide additional updates via the blog and website when you need to begin changing your library links.

As always, you can direct any questions about the changes to library systems or to the new Library Search to our Ask a Librarian chat or email.

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