This week kicks off our Spring 2020 focus exhibit on the 1st and 2nd Floors of the Library devoted to exploring various views of the future, wonderful or horrific, utopian or dystopian, through the lens of traditionally marginalized communities–POC, women, LGBTQ, disability, etc.  Part of our spring focus series, the exhibit will explore our visions of the future, both positive and negative,  in reaction to the imperfect present, as well as what they say about our best hopes and our worst fears.

The exhibit features work from both the Columbia and the Chicago community.  Artists include Audra Jacot, Sara Ditchman, Sara Peak Convery, Laura Hawbaker, Maria Speck, Sam Hensley, Kimberly Nguyen, Jamie Primack, Kristy Bowen, and Raj Patel.

We will also be highlighting related resources in the library, here on the blog,  and in social media spaces, so keep an eye out for those–including new lib guides, zines, and related programming.   Check out our current list of resources devoted to Afrofuturism.


UPCOMING EVENTS at the Library

How to Tuesday:  Propaganda! | Tuesday March 24th | Library| 4th Floor Boiler Room

Book to Art Club:  The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood | Wednesday, April 15th | Library | 4th Floor Boiler Room


Each semester, the Aesthetics of Research initiative addresses a portion of our programming to a particular genre, art form, movement or special topic of interest via exhibits, displays , workshops, readings, lectures, panel discussions, and other activities. Focus topics reinforce the Library as a place of creative conversation and inquiry, bringing art & scholarship together, as well as explore available resources in the Library, on campus, and in the greater Chicago community.



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