Library Zine Night is Monday!



Kaylan Michael, Lost in the Island

Afrofuturist Edition!!!

In honor of African American History Month and our Future Tense:  Imagined Worlds from the Margins focus topic this semester, join us for an evening making zines exploring this amazing  intersection of the African diaspora with technology,  An intersectional lens through which to view possible futures or alternate realities, Afrofuturism, coined in 1993, seeks to reclaim black identity through art, culture, and political resistance.


We will also be taking Afrofuturist Zine Night on the road to a couple branches of the Chicago Public Library as part of CPL

Wednesday, February 19 from 5-7 @ Chinatown (2100 S. Wentworth)
Thursday, February 27 from 5-7pm @ Uptown (929 W. Buena)



Join Us

for our monthly Zine Night, a chance for you to work alone or collaboratively on zines, comics, artist books, or other paper projects in the library.

You Need:

Ingenuity, creativity, and inspiration. A desire  to show off or learn new techniques.  A want to work nd get to know other zinesters and artists?

We Have:

Staplers, trimmers, basic drawing supplies, paper, adhesives, scissors, discarded book scraps, scanners, photocopiers, and occasional guest how-tos.

The Aesthetics of Research is an ongoing initiative dedicated to exploring how resources shape and inform artistic practice across disciplines–from the tangible (print and electronic media, studios/workspaces, supply sources) to the intangible (workshops, tutorials, creative communities). With a slant toward non-traditional, indie, and underground art forms, the initiative seeks to connect artists to both resources and each other, forming a  thriving network of similarly minded creatives.

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