Did you know you can take advantage of ILL materials directly from neighboring colleges right here in the city?  Or request materials for pick-up from a number of college and university libraries throughout Illinois?

The Columbia College Library is a proud member of CARLI ( The Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois) which offers users access to academic libraries across the state.   If we don’t have it, someone does. And if they do, we can very likely get it for you.

Current Columbia students may use your Campus Card to borrow directly at a number of campus  libraries (SAIC, UIC, Roosevelt, DePaul).  You can also, using the Library’s catalog, submit requests for materials to be sent for pick-up at the 1st Floor Circulation Desk.






~Create your I-Share account by clicking on the orange button at the top-right hand side of the Library’s home page.

~Create a new account and link your library bar code to the account (this would be the 227XXXXXXXXX number on the back of your Campus Card.)

~Find what you’d like to request by typing in your search and selecting “ALL I-SHARE LIBRARIES” .  Then choose your pick-up location and submit your request.  Depending on how long it takes to fill and where it’s coming from, requests take anywhere from 2-7 days typically to arrive.  Lending periods are typically 4 weeks and may be renewed (limits set by lending institutions may apply.)

~ When the item arrives and is processed, you will receive and e-mail notification for pick-up.  You can also log-in to your account from anywhere to view your currently checked out items and renew your materials.




*The Library also has access to materials outside of Illinois through OCLC /World Cat, which makes books, media, and articles available from academic and public libraries across the country and internationally.   To learn more about setting up a Tipasa account and submitting requests , visit: https://library.colum.edu/services/interlibrary-loan.html








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